Here is some information on how everything works, and some FAQs to help answer some questions!

I also have a planning guide available to help with timeline planning. Read through this page for all the info, and you can access the guide by clicking on the button!

This is alot of info, but I want to give you as much information as possible so you know what to expect!

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Wedding Package Information

What packages do you offer and how much do they cost?

I offer simple 6/8/10 hour base coverage options. Each includes one photographer (me), and your edited photos delivered in an online gallery with rights to download, print, and share. I also have add ons available for a second photographer, an engagement session, and more! For intimate weddings, I offer a 3 hour package with discounted pricing!

Why is this stuff not included in the base packages?

The main reason is that I want you to see your options to weigh out the costs and decide how much you want. If someone includes a second photographer or an engagement session in their packages, the pricing reflects that. I prefer to give you the base packages in the simplest form possible, so you can decide what you need.

How much coverage do I need?

This is the #1 question that I get! My most popular packages are for 8 hours. What you need for your wedding will depend on your schedule for the day, and how much of it you want to have photographed. I have a planning guide available to help guide you through this process, and I’m more than happy to walk you through it! Once you book me, you’ll have my number and you can text me anytime for quick questions!

Wait so where are the prices?

My starting price is $1950 for the most simple 6 hour package. Pricing fluctuates with the time of year and location, so please contact me for more specific package information. All packages include travel and expenses, and I’m available anytime for planning help!

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General Wedding Information

Do you travel for weddings?

I do! I am based in Central FL and WA. Yep, basically opposite corners! Long story short: I spend a good portion of the year in both areas and consider both my home base for business. I am super comfortable with travel, and I spent over 8 years traveling all over the world for media work in the actions sports and outdoors industries. I’m available for weddings and engagements anywhere in the US (and worldwide, depending on the country). I will be in your area at least 2 days before your date, to make sure that I have time to deal with any hiccups. My packages always include travel costs. If you have any specific travel questions, or want to know more about how this works, shoot me a message!

Will we need a second photographer?

I (Justin) will personally shoot every wedding and session (I have provisions in my contract regarding emergencies and extenuating circumstances). Adding a second photographer gives a unique perspective of your day, and allows you to see some moments that might be happening behind me during the main action of the day.

I have a great lineup of trusted second photographers who have a similar style and brand focus. For all contracted services that include a second photographer, the second photographer is hired at my discretion, depending on availability. I highly recommend including this in your package, but I am very comfortable shooting on my own as well (just about half of my weddings this year are solo). You can always add this option on later on as well if you change your mind!

How do we reserve our wedding date?

First, contact me to talk about the details of your day and some package information! Once we talk over some package options, and if you decide to move forward with the booking process, I require a 50% retainer and a signed contract to reserve me for your wedding. The remainder is due 30 days before your date. Both the payment and contract are easily completed online, even from a mobile device. I only book one wedding per day, regardless of what package you decide to book. So the entire day is dedicated to you!

We’ve never had photos taken…what do we do?

The best part about my style is that you don’t have to “know” how to do anything, but I’m also not going to just leave you standing there wondering! Most of your wedding day, you’ll just be enjoying your wedding and I’ll be sneaking around catching the moments.

For your portrait sessions, I like to give simple, natural direction that lets you both act how you normally would. My all time favorite is “hold hands and walk that way”. You’d be surprised how many self proclaimed “awkward” people turn into instant models! If I do pull out any serious direction, it’s probably just to get you to laugh! This is the easy part!

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General Wedding Information

How do we get our photos afterwards?

Every package comes with a fully edited online gallery of your photos delivered within 6 weeks of your wedding date. I typically deliver 50-100 photos per hour of coverage. You are free to download, share, and print any photos that you like - they’re yours! From the gallery online there is also a print store that has options for canvases, albums, and more. You are able to download any photo to print on your own, (especially useful for those “fridge pics”!) but using the provided service options in the gallery will give you the best quality available for simple albums and larger prints.

Help! We have more questions!

I am available any time to answer more questions about the photography side of things, or just about wedding planning in general! Of course, I always recommend that you get help from a dedicated wedding planner (I know some good ones if you need a rec!), but I’m happy to give you general tips along the way!

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Engagement/Adventure Sessions

What is it? And What’s the difference? Why?

An engagement session is just a couple’s photo session to celebrate your engagement! Most people use these photos for save-the-dates and invitations, and just to celebrate this time in your lives!

My engagement sessions are 1 hour, with 2 outfit choices. I have some locations available if you’re not sure what you want, but if you have somewhere specific then I’m open for anything! The main reason that I love engagement sessions is that we get a chance to meet and take photos, so you’re comfortable being in front of the camera on your wedding day. I have a full engagement session guide coming soon, but for now contact me for more info!

An Adventure Session is the same as an engagement, but I allow a greater scope of location and time to do some more adventurous stuff! This includes up to 6 hours total, and is perfect for those epic mountaintops, hidden beaches, or multiple locations that aren’t super close. I have an adventure guide on the way as well, but for now contact me for more info!

We’ve never had photos taken…what do we do?

Yes, I included this one twice! An engagement session might seem scarier than your wedding, because you have to be out in front of the camera without any activity going on! BUT I always recommend that your engagement shoot include some type of activity, to make it super easy! Even just a hike, getting an ice cream, a picnic…anything that fits you guys. This works the same as wedding day portraits, I’ll give you some light direction to do some natural movements or activities, and you’ll look and feel comfortable because it’s things you would normally do. Again, you won’t ever be expected to “know” what to do, or be left standing there wondering. I got you!

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